10 Simple steps  Spiritual Evolution 

By: Yogini Rina Lichtinger – Ishwari


Stepping into the vast unseen wisdom in you.

  • Begin with the practice of gratitude  and  focus
  • Mind is everything, what you think you become.
  • Yoga is a bright light , which once lit will never dim, the body is your temple  of the Soul!
  • Life is a gift to be explored, we are transcendental beings.
  • Your home where you can call it your sanctuary
  • Meditate daily in the same place Am or Pm
  • Positive affirmations


  • You should meditate on your Inner Being at all times.
  • Don’t meditate on the mind; rather meditate on the witness of the mind.
  • It doesn’t matter how you are distracted, you are not going to lose anything.
  • Everything will come to you when you meditate on the witness of the mind, the Inner Self.
  1. Commitment to your Soul Evolution
  2. Be present. Sit for meditation  doing nothing more than sitting quietly and watching what happens, if you have any thoughts imagine a white cloud send it to the blue sky.
  3. Practice Being in the  Moment  – Listen to the Sounds of Life. Close your eyes, become the observer the near and far away sounds without changing your breathing
  4. Heart center hands on healing. Bring your non dominate hand to your heart center palm soft touching the chest left hand facing up to the universe ,notice the pulsations in your hands becoming warm drawing cosmic energy, noticed the sensations in your heart beat slowing down.
  5. Ask for Guidance.“I ask an intend to connect to Source” repeat 3 times.
  6. Use a Mantra cosmic breath. SO/SA MEDITATION. Inhaling SO up the spine, HAM  down the spine, quiet your mind. Feeling the flow of  prana gently, in between breaths, you might feel your mind expanding. Experiencing YOGA NIDRA, a state of magnetism, through fixation suggestion, and sensation. BE A SILENT OBSERVER, BE PRESENT, experiencing a state of union, while the whole universal magnetic ocean comes under your command.
  7. Gazing, Drishti – Start  maintain an open-eyed focus upon an object. This focus is referred to as drishti, which means “view,” “opinion,” or “gaze.” start with  your eyes fully opened or partially closed, creating a softer, diffused gaze. then switch to bring Gaze to the nose and third eye.
  8. Using Crystals. Shavasana ( lay down on your back corpse posture place crystals  in your hands and third eye,rest 10 min. You will need  crystals, white  pillar candle, choice of scented incense, a Deity of your choice and flowers.
  9. My favorite Crystals  for meditation. Powerful tools to  balance your Aura and Chakras. Lay down on your back corpse posture place crystals  in your hands and third eye, cover your eyes rest 10 to 15 min.
    1. Selenite : powerful clears negative energies, reprogram all your  crystals, brings Guidance  from Angelic Realm,. opens  and increases telepathic communication  ,Crown Chakra.
    2. Mangano Calcite: Empathy releasing fear and grief, feminine  energies and power allows one to move past limitations, restores self-acceptance unconditional love, Heart Chakra.
    3. Pyrite-Stone of protection; stimulates intellect enhances emotional  will power and positivity.( For meditation place  Pyrate in your dominant hand opens Third eye chakra.
    4. Smoky quartz -properties of grounding, transmutation of negative energies. For Meditation place Smoky Quartz  non dominate hand,. Root chakra.
    5. Muzqoiz Flourite:  A “psychic Vacuum Cleaner” which clears the energy field, provides better memory .balancing brain chemistry, works with all chakras, You can place in m your forehead or third eye.
    6. Aura Crystals: Aqua aura  is gold opens and balances the chakras  the energetic pattern of the heart opens  the potential to oneself.
    7. 10- yoga practice follow by Shavasana  with crystals

Affirmation for the day:

In the vastness of life where I am All is Perfect, Whole  and Complete. I see resistance patterns  within me only as something else to release, They have no power over me,I am the power in my world. I rejoice that I am in the ever-changing life. I chose to make it so and So Be it. Chant 2 Oms.

Do you live life buckling under the weight of fear and trauma?

  •  Do you sense something greater is out there waiting for you?
  • Are you ready to let go and welcome the Light of Spirit?
  • Book signing  July 23  2016 location namaste yoga salon

“We are not here to teach, but to Be. In Being, we will be teaching.”

How to Order the Book:

Visions of Light Book

We appreciate your comments and insights on the Visions of Light book. Please use the comment box below to share. We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in Visions of Light workshop activation, contact Rina Ishwari at (954) 802-4988.


6 comments on “Visions of LIGHT – THE POWER of LETTING GO
  1. admin says:

    Rina, can’t wait to read your book! We are all so excited.

  2. I had the pleasure of being part of Rina’s 1st group session of studies of “Visions of Light Book”. Its a incredible recollection of messages, that really moves with each person. As you reflect in each message thats found on the book, you self realize how it relates to you current life.

    Will be joining here for the following, book signing in Mexico at 02 YOGA en Mexico, September 2-3, 2015 sessions to learn more.

    Thank you very much Rina!!

    The Gobetti Family!!!
    Thank you

  3. Nancy says:

    Visions of Light is a very special book of messages for very special Beings. It overflows with amazing Knowledge for those already on a universally spiritual path, as well as for those new to such a special journey this lifetime. Every sentence will resonate in a personal and individual way for each reader. Rina is an amazing Being, and those who come to know her personally or thru her writings and classes are truly Blessed. Such an incredible book will be cherished by its readers always and makes a wonderful gift. It will be a guiding light for every individual who is fortunate enough to discover this book and its author this lifetime.

  4. admin says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Calling all Lightworkers!!!
    Bylisalovesangelson August 9, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    As a Lightworker, this book is a must have! Rina is an inspiration, and I am so grateful she shared her own personal, spiritual journey by writing this book. As one’s spiritual awakening unfolds, sometimes it is a little scary, or confusing, and this book will help one’s spiritual journey unfold in the most peaceful way. She provides many tools, prayers, meditations, mantras, for one to use as needed along the way. Just by reading the book, I truly can feel my vibration go higher, and I am touched with peace by reading the very sacred messages from the Divine and Loving Angels. It is a message to the world, to all Light workers, to come together, to help expand consciousness and raise the vibration of the world. This book will help people realize we are so much more than this physical body, we are first spiritual beings, having an earthly experience. Visions of Light, will help anyone who feels the calling in their heart and soul to enter the sacred space within, to connect to Divine wisdom, and to assist in the expansion of conciousness in their own authentic way. Namaste.
    2 comments| One person found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?Yes

    5.0 out of 5 starsRina Lichtinger’s book is a wonderful blend of sharing her personal life story combined with …ByMarcia A Gillon October 7, 2016
    Rina Lichtinger’s book is a wonderful blend of sharing her personal life story combined with channeled wisdom. It takes courage to share intimate details of one’s life and it takes a deep spirituality to be open to the Wisdom that comes from above and share that wisdom with others. The book can be read cover to cover, or a spiritual exercise an be chosen for the day.
    Visons of Light has a prominent place next to my meditation chair.
    Comment|Was this review helpful to you?Yes
    5.0 out of 5 stars.
    Rina’s book is an uplifting message to all of us …
    ByCarmelina pena Heminger October 8, 2016
    Rina’s book is an uplifting message to all of us WHO ARE READY TO UNDERSTAND the mesage. I not only know her personally but I can say that all that she share in that book is true and real…… I got my book in her open house and I truly appreciate everything she share with the world…. God bless her and also those who can see this truth…..

    5.0 out of 5 stars Enlightening!
    ByLisa Finnon October 9, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    Powerful, spiritual, an awesome read

  5. Nance Slakoff says:

    Rina is one of the most amazing beings on this earth. She is sincere, caring, spiritual, loving, brilliant, and very special.
    To have her in your life this time around should be considered an honor!

  6. Nance Slakoff says:

    Rina is one of the most amazing beings on this earth. She is sincere, caring, spiritual, loving, brilliant, and very special.
    To have her in your life this time around should be considered an honor! Her meditations are very special and very deep.
    They truly touch your heart and change your life. So does she.

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