Testimonial The wheel of kula CD

Querida Rina, me encanto en verdad tu disco!

I Have been in the healing and kirtan music industry for many years, and to discover Rina’s music it is been wonderful and refreshing! She has Shakti in her voice, touches my soul and The record is excellent made ! I listen it all day, now is One of my favorites in my IPod ! Can wait to hear more of her music!

Grace Terry, healing and kirtan singer www.graceterry.com Facebook Grace Terry

“I want to offer congratulations to Yogini Rina Lichtinger and Lizita Gopi  Lichtinger  for their beautiful new chanting CD, that has just been completed. It is quite unique.”Yogi Mark Roberts “I remember when I first listen to this album [The Wheel of Kula], I had a stressful event occur and felt extremely detached with who I was. From the beginning of the track until the very end I felt an overwhelming wave of strong emotions releasing itself. The moment I started to release torrents of tears was in the second track Hari Om Ganesha. Everyone that contributed to this album really achieved something that’s beyond physical, and beyond emotional. I resonated so deeply with the chanting and the singing – every track has a different attribute and resonance with a memory that comes up. It’s so intimate and so deep. I am treasuring this gift, Thank you so much Rina.

                                                                                                                                              ” Yanni Demelo”

Rina and Liza Lichtinger gathered vibration sounds that sooth the mind, body and Spirit, necessary tools to be centered, and connected.  Fine Artist & Author, Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy,*United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association  of Educators for World Peace. Creator of the Invisible Art & Light Technique.http://www.jacquelineripstein.com. info@jacquelineripstein.com –www.TheArtofHealingArt.com. www.IAEWP.net

.Jacqueline Ripstein.

 “I can’t stop listening to the beautiful celestial and inspiring CD you made. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I am playing it in all my classes my Ishwari Rina Lichtinger and Gopi (Liza Lichtinger) Hare Krishna.”

 Loren Russon “Lila” Yoga instructor at Jivamukti NYC

“What a delight it is to listen to the music and vocals in the cd, The Wheel of Kula, Bhakti Mantra. I found the CD to be enchanting, inspiring and peaceful all are important elements in my creative process of painting Mandalas. Indeed  as the cd jacket reminds  the listener that Kula in Sanskrit means community, binding the creative divine forces!”…. Artist  Patricia M Bowers www.patriciambowers.com.                                                        With love and light Patricia  Bowers

“The Portal workshop”

One of the most important aspects of The Modern Day Mystery School is to support and create master teachers. It is most fulfilling to experience a master teacher standing in her truth and bringing her everexpanding divine soul plan out into the world. Thank you Rina for a divine, ascension experience. We are all incarnated in love & light.

 Phillip Collins, co-director, The Modern Day Mystery School

“Thanks for this, and also for your contribution last night to your brothers and sisters. Your love and grace were palpable. It was a delight to see you standing in your truth. All things are possible with LOVE!”                                                      -Jessis Keener, Director of Modern Day Mystery School

“Chakra Wisdom workshop”

I want to let you know that learning chakra wisdom was so great! It was a most informative and interesting and intriguing experience, one that I will never forget;  one that will be with me forever!  It was comfortable, awe-inspiring and knowledgable all at the same time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for expanding your expertise on this subject.  I know that with learning about ourselves in this way, the subconscious keeps coming around, and then one day it hits me and I say to myself:  “oh, I get it now!”  That is the BEST THAT COULD HAPPEN!”

Love, Light, Laughter, Life,
Sincerely, Marie P. Moecia

“Shifting Dimension class today was incredible! From Sacred Geometry, Chakra Cording, and Transcendence Breath, to Extrasensory Perception and The Silent Prayer acknowledgement of All That Is, this class contained more Knowledge in three hours than other classes contain in a full week. Your wealth of Knowledge is amazing and I am honored to call you my friend. Thank you to you and Ky for an amazing afternoon.”

 Nancy Slakoff

“Hi, my name is Vaani, and I’ve know Yogi Rina for a year. She absolutely the best in Hatha yoga. I have a strong background in yoga, being of Indian descent, and I was really impressed with her knowledge in yoga and profound understanding for human beings. Her methods in Hatha yoga are extremely relaxing and easy to do. You may think yoga in stretching, but it requires concentration which tells you how connected you are with your body. I lost weight doing it once a week, and believe me you feel it. Yogi Rina is a person that make you feel welcome and such a positive person to be around. If you want to lose weight, relax, and get away from the world, Yogi Rina is the one to talk to. You may not plan it, but you also become a better human being.””Rina Lichtinger is a charismatic and experienced Yoga Instructor. She has been well received by all of my students. Her Crystal Bowl Meditation and Aromatherapy Workshops are a must for everyone, whether one practices yoga or not. Her workshops are introspective, uplifting and enlightening. I always look forward to having Rina bring her expertise, light and energy to our studio.”

Fabienne C. Grossman
Owner of Weston Yoga

“I just completed Reiki I and Reiki II with Reiki Master Rina Lichtinger and my spirit is soaring. Thank you, Reverend Rina, for imparting not only your wisdom and knowledge to me and my fellow Reiki students but also for sharing your personal and motivational experiences with us. And thank you for teaching Reiki to us in a way that was intellectually interesting and personally uplifting. You had promised us at the beginning of Reiki I that we would understand everything and you were right. You taught us in an easy, flowing manner that will stay with me forever. I feel the power of the Reiki symbols in my hands and your love in my heart. I urge anyone whose journey takes them to Reiki to learn from Reiki Master Rina. Their lives will be changed forever.”

Joanne Lewis

“I attended Ishwari’s class yesterday expecting meditation and hands-on Reiki practice. I thought, prior to the class, it would be a nice way to do some guided meditation and some healing work. But, to my surprise and immense pleasure, it was so much more than that. Once again, Ishwari stretched her students beyond the ordinary, beyond the expected or anticipated, and to higher planes. The meditation was incredible with Ishwari taking us to higher and higher consciousness. And then, when I thought we wouldn’t go higher, or deeper, we did. Ishwari gently asked us to become grounded. I didn’t want to as I was having such a wonderful, enlightening experience. And then, Ishwari announced with that playful grin of her’s that we would be tapping into our psychic abilities. So much fun and a great learning experience. The hands-on Reiki was wonderful too. I highly recommend you take classes with Ishwari whether it’s yoga, Reiki, meditation, etc. You are sure to experience unexpected and marvelous growth and peace. Namaste.”

“When I am in the presence of Rina, time moves quickly. I listen to her voice with calm as her education pours into me. Her white light is profound. Sometimes as I gaze on her, the room melts away into darkness, revealing her white aura, bright light blue eyes and warm smile. Her real-world experience, sincerity, knowledge and friendly personality make learning with Rina an enjoyable experience.”

 Tamara R.
Coral Springs

“When we first found out that we were going to have a baby, I told my husband right away that I wanted a completely natural birth.  He supported my decision 100%.  Then I told him that I wanted the birth to be a home birth.  Honestly this freaked him out a bit.  After speaking with our doctor however, she explained why home birth might not be the best option and explained to us that I could still have a completely natural child birth in the safety of a hospital.  That is when she told us about the Hypnobirthing option that was offered by her office.  This sounded perfect!  Soon thereafter we were introduced to Rina and enrolled in her Hypnobirthing class.In the class we were taught many different ways to overcome the concept of fear that is surrounded by child birth.  It is just accepted that child birth and pain go hand and hand.  Well to be completely honest, this is not true.  This is a preconceived notion that has been drilled into the minds of women for centuries.  Rina will teach you techniques like relaxation breathing, positive affirmation and visualization, and how to align your body’s energy centers to help you release any fear of pain or doubts that you might have that child birth is a unpleasant experience.If your birth choice is a natural one, or even if it’s not, I highly recommend this class either way.  The things you will learn will not only help with your birthing experience, but it will also help you to relax on a personal level and will help you and your partner to connect more with each other and with your unborn baby.”

 Theresa, Ft. Lauderdale, FL