Soul Evolution Readings

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“Soul Evolution Readings”

 3 step resolution towards Ascension

Price is $175 per 60-minute session. Purchase three or more sessions to receive a free gift from Press the “Add to Cart” button below to checkout with Pay Pal or a major credit card.

Soul Evolution readings: was given  to her download energetic  guidance from the  Ascended Masters

This Evolutionary  reading includes;energetic  guidance  from Ascended Masters, Angelic realms reaidng , energetic clearing, Karma incomplete  patterns.

Rina opens the dimensional realms  for the purpose of your destiny and Divine plan on Earth  your true Soul purpose finishing with   Shamanic ritual to clear ancestral  lineage.

You will receive specific directions towards situations  blocking you, health, emotional trauma ,economical wealth, relationships

With specific short term or long term resolutions.

Giving you   directions to follow up and a date of transition to be cleared into Oneness.


  • Assessment

  • Soul Purpose

  • Soul Evolution

  • Energetic clearing

  •  Opening Akashic records

  • Clearing pathway and Karma

  • Clearing past lives

  • Energetic long distance healing