Healing Light Meditation

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Music: Courtesy of and under license from Steven Halpern to whom we owe our deepest gratitude. Steven Halpern’s uplifting Chakra Suite music creates relaxation, sound health, spiritual growth and reduced stress.

Narrators: Mark Roberts and Rina Lichtinger

Mark and Rina have produced a very special CD which will awaken the very essence of your inner being. This guided meditation can be used in the morning to begin your day or in the evening before retiring to prepare your subconscious mind for healing auto suggestions. Sometimes, to achieve permanent healing, we must go to the root cause of a problem, which may lie deep in the subconscious mind. This CD was designed as an easy and pleasurable way to achieve success in bringing light and healing into your life. Using the wonderful and rapturous music of world-famous composer Steven Halpern, we are delighted to present this work to the public.

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