Alliance of Divine Love An Inter-Faith, Multi-Faith Divinity

Reverend Rina Lichtinger Chapel # 1308. Ordained: February 24th, 2002 North Lauderdale, Florida. Ordained by: Minister Rev. Peggy Ann Whiddon

Weddings ceremony (Call for Consultation)

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  • Spiritual Mass
  • Spiritual Blessing
  • Protecting Rituals Home or Work Space

We specialize in Weddings or Unions for couples who:

  • Want personalized ceremonies
  • Want sacred occasions that express the spirituality of the bride and groom
  • May not belong to a church, synagogue or other religious organization
  • Want a customized personal wedding ceremony that fits their beliefs
  • Are of different faiths and want to blend the wedding customs of their faiths or prefer a neutral spiritual wedding ceremony
  • Are divorced or belong to a church that does not accept their lifestyle
  • Want to include their children and/or their parents in their wedding ceremony
  • Have a non-traditional wedding location
  • Would like to incorporate their personal stories into their wedding ceremony
  • weddings1May want to have a variety of customs in their wedding ceremony such as the sand ceremony, blessing of the hands, glass breaking, cup of wine ceremony, Celtic handfasting ceremony, unity candle, unity circle, blessing of the rings, Native American readings and traditions, or many more options that are available
  • Whose family minister is not available for their wedding date, or is unwilling to travel to their wedding location

The Alliance of Divine Love began long before you and I walked the earth; indeed, before the earth and the universe were ever formed. The entirety of Creation is linked through Divine Love’s relationship to, or alliance with, Itself. Love forever seeks greater degrees of Itself, within Itself. Thus, the beauty of each spring flower, each songbird’s melody is formed that Love may find Itself through creating beauty and joy within Itself. All the joy, peace and happiness that you have ever felt is Divine Love. In creating you, It found one of Its greatest joys, and now It seeks to draw you ever closer to Itself. Its constant drawing of you nearer to Itself is called Spiritual Development. Through this process you will be led to happiness and degrees of Love beyond your wildest visions. The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. was legally formed upon the earth to aid in Divine Love’s process of mankind’s spiritual growth and development. It is a channel for workers and guides from the Organization of Light to present higher teachings from realities beyond our earthly day-to-day consciousness. Alliance of Divine Love workers on the earth are carefully chosen to assist the Organization of Light.

A Wedding Proposal, Beloved Ones…

It gives me great pleasure and joy to be part of your spiritual union of love. I am looking forward to creating a magical union for you, that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. A spiritual wedding receiving your blessings with love and recognition of divine love as soul mates. We will set a monthly meeting to prepare the ceremony, starting with the date, music, time of service, names of the participants, number of guests. When the time gets closer, a weekly meeting will be needed. Total fees for your wedding will be $2,500.00, including wedding day ceremony. A  $500 deposit is required to ensure your  wedding ceremony, which includes two 60-minute meetings, personalized script for the wedding, special inspiration messages, affirmations and prayers. Rev. Rina can sing for you a personalized a chant or prayer in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, or Sanskrit mantra blessings. Rates for music recordings in compilation with Singer Jeannette Robichaud will be paid separately. Call (954) 802-4988.