Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Integrative Inca Medicine “Shamanism and Energy Medicine therapeutic sessions”

We are all part of the natural harmonious flow of energy in the universe.All creation works  and are connected in an infinite dynamic of vibrational frequencies. Every part of an atom, emotions, beliefs, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. Every time we process a thought or an emotion many chemical reactions occur and every chemical reaction emits light.The human body is in essence a body of light.

“Inca energy healers” in their “medicine wheel”, refers and understand that all creation has energy, people, mountains, trees, animals, rocks and plants, and that everything belongs to a circles.The energies on the universe must be recreated in according to maintain  equilibrium in the universe.

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our minds. Through archetypal messages can activate our memory and understanding some aspects of our existence. They can be motivators of our behavior, feelings and thoughts, helping us develop and understand the world of subtle energies through knowledge and practice.  They are represented in mythology, religious stories, fairy tales, Jungian psychology and by gods, goddesses and deities.

Where are the archetypes?

Archetypes act as a language of the mind for it are everywhere, connected together by the collective unconscious . The first to expose this idea was Plato but Carl Jung was the first who used the term to define archetypes as the first original model which people, objects or concepts are merely copies or derived from it. When the archetypes are revealed?. The archetypes are presented in an individual or universal way.We realize them in meditation, sleep time, or mystical experiences.

In the practice of shamanism we work with a lot of simbology  and archetypes as holographic energies to rediscover our development potential and focus towards new dynamics to manifest full and abundant. Is a powerful mechanism for healing and enlightenment when are associated with animal guides and mystical entities

How to use archetypes for healing?

This form of healing allows you to connect with your essence, find out where energy blockages are and to make you aware, start your enormous self-healing abilities.

disease manifests first in the etheric level: disease is an energy imbalance in our subtle bodies,  activating patterns of energy that are absolute in our energy bodies, becoming into a new luminous body.

Archetypes help release traumas of childhood and karmic wounds

Through this technique, it is possible to release and balance childhood traumas and karmic wounds connecting the person with his mission in life, releasing toxics thoughts and behaviors . Trauma unreleased act as blockages, fears, insecurities, anxiety or rigidity to the process of life, always changing and surprising. Often can get to affect the physical body as illness or pain. If a person has fears that keep you from moving forward and is blocking the associated Archetype is deformed or broken.

Shamanic Healing

  • Healing karmic wounds
  • Remove repressed emotions that don’t let us move forward
  • Remove entities that obstruct the development of our life
  • Re balancing our body

Healing Process:

  •  Diagnosis & Clearing
  •  Extraction Healing
  •  Retrieval
  •  Reading and Counseling


  • Power Animal
  • Elements
  • Chakras

Meditation Sacred Journey


This ritual therapeutic healing session provides a clearing  of Aura, balancing of vortexes (chakras) includes guided imagery meditation inviting Spirit Guides). We open the session by invoicing Great Spirit Creator, using Drumming ( protection) Rattles (for arising the frequencies) for prosperity, health, good energy, peace and harmony. Using Jiwalla ,Quillas Crystals sacred Stones on the vortexes  for extraction.Concept O Energy: The Luminous Body  Aura body ( Qanchay)

In Shamanism we believe that energy is a gift of the Great Spirit creator that is manifested in  particular attitude.The Andean interpretation is that a positive attitude is the manifestation of balance energy  called Munay: (healing energy of unconditional love) we use as ritual a healing session  with Purpose JAMPI QUANCHAY, healing the  luminous body.

  •  ANYI bringing  balance
  •  YACHAY (consciousness ) opening by invocation.
  •  ALLPA EARTH VORTEX (physical body) (skin, bones, reproductive organs ).
  • UNU  WATER VORTEX (emotional) Digestive system/ blood flow.
  • NINA FIRE VORTEX (spiritual transformation) respiratory system/heart.
  • WAYRA AIR VORTEX (mental)muscles/Nervous Syste
  • Karpay:  is the rite of initiation and power transmission of the archetypes in Inca energy medicine, as part of the training experience of healing energy, where a master shaman, or initiated install in each of the chakras the archetypes to the client, Karpay for clearing, healing and illumination proses of the energy flow. This ritual activates the seed of light within us and begins the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment, that practitioners will germinate at a individual fire ceremony. This transmission aligns us with the energies of the medicine wheel, the elements, forces of nature, energy bodies and chakras.

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