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visions of Light

Flowlife Holistic Lounge

Visions of Light – Soul Evolution WORKSHOP – 6:30pm

 DATE: FEB. 8, 2018 – 6:30pm-8pm
Cost for workshop – $45
REGISTER TODAY * limited seats available* 754-206-2122



In this workshop, *Rina (Ishwari) will lead us through a journey of healing as she highlights major subjects from her book that will help each individual connect the dots of surrender, acceptance and clarity of our own personal journey.
*We will learn and practice the Mantra for Ganesha (the remover of obstacles).  Chanting along with the most sacred instrument, the harmonium will uplift our spirit and prepare our heart to receive the beautiful energy of the evening.
*We will also be guided through a universal Heart Meditation.
*Rina will end the evening Channeling a message for the entire group, a truly powerful and impressive experience.
*there will be a short period of questions and answers and sharing from the group. This will be a powerfully enlightening evening taught by one of the premier Shamanic Healing Practitioners of our time!

Published in National Awakenings

Rina was published in National Awakenings Magazine (September 2015):

Get the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed.



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Visions of Light

Visions of Light

written By Ishwari



Christ means the soul. Mother Mary means the womb, meaning the feminine energy of mother Earth.



ORION corresponds to the ST chakra, the initiation level is birth.

ANDROMEDA system corresponds to the 2nd chakra initiation

level is Baptism.

ARCTURUS system corresponds to 3rd chakra, initiation level, Transfiguration of  the Mount.

PLEIADES system is corresponded to 4th chakra Initiation level Renunciation.

LYRA System corresponds to the 5th chakra, initiation level of the crucifixion.

SIRIUS system corresponds to the 6th chakra, initiation level of resurrection.

BOOTES system corresponds to the 7th chakra, initiation level of Ascension.



Dear Ones:

Understand that you are in the evolution of the Christ Consciousness, in the planet earth in the year 2004, therefore you are working in our vibration. We are messengers to be assigns to link, creating the bridge between heavens on earth.

Honor the truth of your being within, becoming the living Christ embody through your expression the love, the force that brings forth the embodiment of Gabriel.

You are honoring, yourselves, you see to truly embody the message of Gabriel in your physical world,  one statement alone fulfills the depths of the soul awakened.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The truth lies in the heart, the heart lies in the presence of being in the soul with out duality,

Without exclusivity when you see no separation reflecting you The God of you’re been,

The Christ consciousness, then you are embodying the truth of yourself, in that moment of having a physical experience you create an illusion.of separation if you have come in through the 7 stages of development from birth to resurrection like Christ there will be no separation, we are now children of the light, you are the pure light of the soul you are being awakened to its depth of being to expansion of purpose, in doing so you fulfill the evolution of God  is all there is.

Is conscious development simultaneously?

God is all divine mind all one is unified.

God, allowed us to experience the infinitude of omnipresence God created human part of a cell of God equal part to awaken that part so God can be part of that in you.

Be responsible for yourself, is essential as your soul development, for an awareness of your own reality, be aware consciously of your attachments, attractions of desires towards your environment toward your fellow men

Be aware the feelings that you project to your environment, positive loving vibrations.

If you can be honest with yourself that in essence is the initiation process that prepare you to be an awakened soul.


Begin to prepare to use the power of the universe, only when you can stand alone within yourself you can paradoxically embrace yourself, experiencing the fragment of you that you are God, express it and then embrace, with total responsibility, so you can experience that intimate relationship of God , so you can be of service to the holiness and plentiful of God. Service to your fellowmen and your planet.


It is delight as always to shed light at this timed.

Close you eyes imagined as a child imagined Gabriel as a pinpoint of blue light growing in to an elliptical light encompasses the light and breath the light that you are.

As we lend our energies of love and light for awakening your soul, light expand your energies of love and light, we say  So be it,  and we ask to remember to love one another.




Within the silent whisper of our soul God resides.

In that space where we allow ourselves to receive, we embrace eternity.

In that moment through meditation where we fully surrender and our breath becomes the ocean of consciousness we feel the supreme.

In that deep manifestation of bliss, where our physical body becomes magnetized, embracing the light we feel God.

In that peaceful harmonious state were we project a mirror image of divinity to the universe, only then we can transmute the endless flame of the soul projecting unconditional love and healing, feeling the eternal within us.

In that silent whisper were our breath becomes the silent observer

We feel God.

As we become humble servants guided by the light to the world.

Our eyes perceive God’s visions of beauty.

Our ears perceive the eternal AUM in our breath, in our heart in our soul, becoming one with God.

As we start to perceive waterfalls of luminescent colors expanding our senses with eternal peace.

As the doors of perception appear before us, a new man will be born into a world of hope co- creating endless wisdom and love

Becoming the whisper of God.

Everything in the planet will become that man, opening their giving heart sustained by the light. In that moment, we will become one universe coming from love rejoicing the kingdom of my father in earth.

We will know kindness, wisdom, patience and endless joy.

When the entire human race will forgive they will be reborn again.

Remembering the greatness of the supreme  lives in every heart.

All the men will become one unity of light receiving enlightenment transcending into a new planet.

Recognizing God within us, activating our mastery with humility and grace.

Love without constrictions becoming the essence of love.

Unfolding as the breath of golden light, rejoicing in endless peace.

Becoming the grit of the planet, with the infinite light of my father.

Being supported and nourished by the light.


So it is and so it is done.

Yoga Poses for What Ails You


By Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent

July 21, 2011 8:31 a.m. EDT

Dr. Loren Fishman, a rehabilitative medicine specialist, assists Carolyn LaFleur in her yoga practice.


  • Doctors say people often have a hard time believing yoga can produce effective changes
  • Yoga works by bringing down stress levels, which relaxes everything in your body
  • The practice can make a difference in ailments such as headaches or asthma

(CNN) — When Dr. Carolyn LaFleur was in a car accident six years ago, she couldn’t move her neck for a year and a half, she had terrible pain in her hip, and she would get headaches at her temples.

Frequent icing, physical therapy and massage therapy helped her neck and hip, but didn’t do much for the pain in her head.

Then just last year LaFleur discovered yoga. While it didn’t get rid of her headaches, it did make the pain much more manageable.

“Yoga has given me strength,” says LaFleur, 66, an anesthesiologist who practices in Hudson, New York.

She has her yoga “prescribed” by Dr. Loren Fishman, a rehabilitative medicine specialist at Columbia University’s New York-Presbyterian hospital in Manhattan.

“Yoga lowers your tension. It relaxes the basic tone of your muscle,” he says. “And the minute you notice that yoga helps, it raises your confidence that you can help yourself. It gives you the feeling of ‘I can do it.’ ”

Fishman and others have done studies showing yoga can help all sorts of medical ailments, from depression to sexual dysfunction to rotator cuff injuries.

“People often have a hard time believing they can get such powerful change from yoga, but they do,” says Dr. Dean Ornish, who has studied the health benefits of yoga.

Ornish, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, says yoga works by bringing down stress levels, which relaxes everything in your body, including blood vessels.

“Your arteries begin to relax so there’s more blood flow everywhere, so everything is better,” says Ornish, president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

Here are 10 ailments where yoga can make a difference.

  1. Headaches. Fishman suggested to LaFleur that she do the camel pose, the bridge pose and the wheel pose for headaches. He says these poses stretch the muscles in the front of the chest, which help control the head. The Yoga Journal has more information on yoga for headaches.
  2. Asthma. Several studies, including one published in the “Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology,” show yoga can help asthma sufferers. Livestrong and Women Fitness list poses that seem to help.
  3. Sexual dysfunction in women. A study in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” shows yoga improved women’s desire, satisfaction and orgasms. Health magazine suggests a sequence of wide leg squat to lizard lunge to frog pose to improve a woman’s sex life. Harvard Medical School also has suggestions (added) for yoga poses to enhance sexual function.
  4. Sexual dysfunction in men. Doctors in India have successfully used yoga to treat men with premature ejaculation; there are more details in an article in the “Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.” Men’s Health suggests certain poses to help men improve their sex lives, including something called “horndog pose.”
  5. Sleep problems. Researchers at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center found lymphoma patients who did yoga slept better than those who didn’t.’s yoga guide suggests trying the happy baby pose or the goddess pose before you go to bed.
  6. Menstrual pain. According to a study published in the “North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology,” the cobra, cat and fish poses helped teens and young women with menstrual pain.
  7. Rotator cuff injuries. Fishman published a study earlier this year showing a chair-assisted headstand can help people with rotator cuff tears. See Figure 2 for how to do it.
  8. Osteoporosis. Fishman also published a study showing a regimen of 10 yoga poses helps build bone mineral density after menopause.
  9. Pain sensitivity. According to the “Harvard Mental Health Letter,” a study at the University of Utah showed people who practice yoga had a higher pain tolerance than those who didn’t.
  10. Depression and anxiety. A German study mentioned in the same Harvard publication showed that emotionally distressed women became less depressed and anxious after they took two 90-minute yoga classes a week for three months. This yoga journal article suggests camel pose, bridge pose and wheel pose.


CNN’s Sabriya Rice and Lida Alikhani contributed to this story